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All works are tested for uniqueness with the help of several online anti-plagiarism services. The methodology depicts a mixed method research, using quantitative surveys and semi structured interviews. The social world of banks and graduates upon which this study is based exists externally and are not related to the researcher; therefore they would be measured through objective methods rather than being inferred subjectively through reflection, sensation or intuition Easterby-Smith, This study would therefore adopt a positivist approach as credible data could only be derived through quantitative analysis of phenomena observed Saunders et al, Details regarding effectiveness are measured using objective means such as increase in candidate application and reduction in costs , thereby warranting a positivist approach.

Due to the positivist nature of the research, this study would adopt a deductive approach Saunders et al, This approach represents the most common view of the relationship between theory and research and results gotten from this approach are developed through logical reasoning Bryman and Bell, The data findings would be compared against existing literature to ascertain if they concur with what has already been published in the field of online recruitment.

The ability to gather primary data during this study was dependent on gaining access to an appropriate source within the organization. The level to which this source is appropriate relies on the research question, related objectives and research designs Saunders et al, Therefore, the researcher, as a friend of an employee within the organization, was in a favorable position to get access within the organization.

I contacted a friend of mine who currently works within graduate recruitment at Lloyds TSB, and discussed the prospects of my dissertation. She spoke to several of her colleagues on my behalf and they agreed for me to conduct telephone interviews with 4 members of the graduate recruitment team, some of which had been there for an average of 5 — 10 years reasons expatiated further in this chapter. Due to the non-intrusive nature of my research, there were no objections or limitations raised by the participants with regards to the questions asked or the purpose of the study.

This study would adopt a case study strategy in answering the research question. Robson asserts that the case study strategy would be useful if the aim of the study is to gain a rich understanding of the research perspective and the process being endorsed.

Therefore as this study aims to understand the recruitment process within Lloyds TSB and also any benefits associated with online recruitment, a case study would be most effective. Two separate yet parallel approaches would be utilized in this study, and are outlined in the table 1 below. Quantitative methods are mainly used in the data collection process of research. It involves data that is either in the form of, or expressed as numbers Easterby-Smith et al, The quantitative questionnaires were handed out to 10 graduates and undergraduates.

The questionnaire was mainly designed with rating scale questions, where respondents were asked to state their opinion or preference for a particular question on a scale of 1 — 5.

The quantitative questionnaire distributed to respondents is outlined in appendix. Quantitative questionnaires are useful as the results derived are quantifiable and measurable against other variables in an objective manner Saunders et al, Following the access grant to four members of the recruitment team within the organization, 15 — 20 minute qualitative telephone interviews were carried out.

A semi-structured interview is a qualitative interview that is defined by a pre-set question guide. It aims to provide in-depth findings through informal discussions with participants Collis and Hussey, This interview method was chosen over unstructured or structured interviews, because this study intends to answer the research questions by asking specific questions, but not so much unstructured that it generates useless data, and not so less structured so as not to miss out on any unanticipated information.

The interview questions in the semi-structured interview are in appendix. The themes utilized in this study were derived mainly from the literature review and were crucial in developing the questions that were raised during the study.

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A dissertation methodology is a paper where all used sources are gathered together. In this part of the dissertation, the author should explain why exactly those sources were used and where they were taken from. It is important to remember that a dissertation is the most complicated type of academic assignments. For instance, when writing an essay or a review, you can use various articles published on the Internet as a source. However, when creating a dissertation, you must use only relevant and credible sources.

That is why every dissertation should have a good methodology section. A dissertation methodology proves validity of used sources. At any rate, this part must be included in your dissertation, otherwise it will look incomplete and unprofessional. On top of that, the majority of professors from universities or colleges consider a methodology to be the most important part from the whole dissertation.

It compiles and summarizes information about sources. A person who is going to write a dissertation methodology must be aware of different important details. Our writers perform such academic assignments very often, so they know about the latest requirements and standards.

Decide to buy dissertation methodologies from The Uni Tutor and pay for the highest quality. When it comes to selecting a structure of a dissertation methodology, many students become lost and puzzled.

Through the dissertation, students can express their thoughts and explain choice of certain sources. Therefore, people have more opportunity and freedom in order to complete a dissertation than when writing an essay or research papers. For every person who decides to buy a dissertation methodology from The Uni Tutor, we promise to make a correct structure of the papers.

We will select only credible sources from academic journals and books. We will not take random articles from the Internet as the main sources.

We want to illustrate you one example. The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald can be inserted in the dissertation methodology devoted to sociopolitical ferment in America in the s:. The novel is an appropriate addition to the paper; as the main source document, this book shows glamorous and wealthy life along with poverty. It is the best illustration of that history period, therefore the book is good for this study.

The Great Gatsby novel is the most appropriate piece of literature in order to describe the disparity of wealth in America in s. You can learn several things from this example. First of all, remember how the passage is written. The author uses phrases to underline appropriateness of that source. Also, the author adduces arguments concerning using that source for the dissertation.

Furthermore, it becomes clear from the example that the novel is used as the primary source for the entire dissertation. Studying the Great Gatsby novel, the author focuses on events that occurred in the s. It is a core element when writing a dissertation methodology. A person should always understand what source will be used as the primary and what source will be used as the secondary.

In our glossary you will find definition and types of sources. As you can see there are many nuances and things, which must be taken into account when creating a methodology paper. Students who buy a dissertation methodology over the Internet and choose us, can be certain that The Uni Tutor writers know about difference in structure of academic assignments as well as other important nuances. Even though you did not like a paper written by The Uni Tutor writer, then contact us as soon as you can.

Use The Uni Tutor live chat or call us. We will do the best to resolve the problem. In fact, all our customers can request unlimited and free revisions from The Uni Tutor. It is important to add that there are two basic ways on how to make research for a dissertation methodology.

One of them is a quantitative research that is applied for academic works in the exact sciences. Qualitative research is often used for writing academic papers in the social sciences. When writing any dissertation, a person is obliged to specify which type of research was used to make arguments in the dissertation. Quantitative research is a scientific method of gathering and analyzing information. Numerous surveys can be used for this research.


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Actually, a dissertation methodology unlike other kind of academic writing is a very complex task. An author of such academic work should be very attentive to details. Indeed, a lot of students believe that the most complicated part in . Methodology is a very important chapter in any dissertation. Writing this chapter requires in-depth knowledge on the subject and structure of it.