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Homework Help And Continuous Functions. homework help and continuous functions A rational function is discontinuous at point where the denominator is 0 and is continuous otherwise, Properties of Continuous Functions Assignment Help Education Worksheets Math Worksheets Calculus Worksheets Differentiable and Continuous . Apr 01,  · Homework Help: Intuitive Explanation For Why Continuous functions do not preserve Cauchy sequences.

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Get an answer for 'If f and g are continuous functions prove that M(x)=max{f(x),g(x)} and m(x)=min{f(x),g(x)} are also continuous.' and find homework help for other Math questions at eNotes. View Homework Help - HOMEWORK 10 from MATH at University of Idaho. set of all odd continuous functions on [-1, 1]. (b) Give examples of representations of R 3 as a direct sum (i) of a subspace.