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❶Have you customized your core? Action for me is to do this, including appropriate CSS classes.

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Search through my answers to read more about it. What exactly do you mean!? You have to many answers to look through. You will have to search on your own, but to sum it up: The post status is hard coded in lots of cases in core and even when this works in some cases, it will simply crash in others. Yes I found them missing in the quick edit section for instance and on some other places. Prepare to hit the wall ; This solves my problem: If you find a better solution please post it here!

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Now I am at UW Tacoma. Our students are not writing dissertations and most do not plan on publishing articles or entering academia. Most of our students are working on community-oriented "capstone" projects that integrate literature reviews and recommended applications. It would be great to see what all of us colleagues across the region are doing to support the variety of grad students in the Pacific Northwest.

Perhaps a related note: Shampa, has the WSU Grad and Professional Writing Center always so clearly differentiated between appointment and drop-in expectations? How is that working for your students? Thanks for your post. I hope we can continue to build some awareness and connection among those of us working in this region. The question of what we could do to support grad-level writing is huge, but we have been piloting some things at our center in addition to our traditional minute one-to-one sessions, namely:.

I think your question of what we might do to promote region-wide support and networking for grad students is a good one, worthy of getting people together face-to-face.

Any thoughts on when and where we might host such an event? Thanks for great questions, and I will be curious to hear what others have to say. Thanks for sharing about university-wide writing initiative and support. I will email you offline with my specific questions.

We are a health sciences university with almost all graduate students in exclusively health sciences disciplines. Feel free to email me: The PNWCA Resource Library is a list of digital resources that member institutions are free to use and adapt for their own writing centers.

Exploring the need of academic writing support for Graduate students in Pacific North West

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Login or register to post comments; I'm now implementing a custom mega i'm also having same problem. Submitted by hotknife on Tue,. How essay on eating disorder to embed a view into a node? Dynamic Display login or register to post comments custom essay inurl node Block module version 2.x.

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In this case i need to change the "Add new comment" or similar links related to comments as "Answer" without changing the core comment module. How can i do this? Thanks in advance.

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login or register to post comments custom essay inurl node We will show how it is possible to extend standard nodes or Commerce Log in or register to post comments; Custom Essays No . The "Log in or register to post comments" message does not display when there are no comments on a piece of content. However, it does show when there is at least one comment. Looking in the comment.