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Business Plans – Write Your Own or Hire Someone to Write it?

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❶What caught my attention was the mention of protecting my IP.

Business Plan ?? - write your own or hire someone to do it?

Gallery of How To Write My Business Plan
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How Will Someone Write My Paper?

Do that first and go from there. What does your dad know about t-shirts? Is he in the industry? Even if they have rode one before. You have to learn yourself! You might wreck it You might even learn some cool new tricks from the old dogs! April 23rd, Apr 23, 4: I really appreciate your honesty! I needed a swift kick in the butt and someone to confirm what i already thought.

Noone knows how I want to run my biz except me! April 24th, Apr 24, 7: I used to write business plans for a living and I would recommend that you write your own. If you get a software package to write it, use it as a guide. As a tool, business plans serve as a way of attracting capital, but more importantly as a planning tool to revisit against your progress, so make it say what you want from your business and how you plan to get there. April 24th, Apr 24, 8: Things change all the time.

Keep your mind open to every aspect of the business. I guess you could make that part of your plan Just be prepared to modify your plan So will your business.

April 24th, Apr 24, 9: Originally Posted by Sugard1 Hi Guys! Sorry, I got off the subject. Make your model and go from there. Just totally different from the initial plan.

April 30th, Apr 30, 8: I can go off into rants too but I was following you and I do understand. I will do as much of it as I can and remain open. There are a few important reasons to write business plans: To raise captial loan, grant, venture capital, etc and so your business has a plan. Not every business needs a written plan, but not all plans have to be as formal as a business plan.

The process of writing a business plan forces you to evaluate your industry, your competition and your own strategies, which is something all businesses should do every few years at least. Plans are living documents. Writing a business plan does not necessarily mean you are defining yourself too narrowly, some business plans are so vague that the business has no definition.

Knowing your business helps you not waste time on "opportunities" that do not play to your strengths and focus on those that do. That was my rant. I used to work with a woman who was always running around like a headless chicken. Her excuse for being so disorganized? My business has turned out quite different than I thought too for the better , but the essence of my business is the same as where I thought I was going. Planning or not, I hope you are all successful!

April 30th, Apr 30, 9: Originally Posted by Sugard1 Thanks Tenacious! I made a ton of cash, but hated working for someone else following their rules. I wanted something to add to my income so I wrote up a plan It makes me want to help other elderly people that need help budgeting their money. As soon as I read the title, the word book keeper flashed in my screen. Well maybe I just imagined it, but that is what I was thinking while reading the post.

I looked up book keeping a few months ago to get into as a side hustle, and you need like hours of on the job training, then you have to get certified by taking a 4 hour test. I thought to myself the time and the money spent on something this intense might not yield enough customers. Yeah — this is def. With a more laid back name and a twist at least: Sounds like a manger or accountant of some sort.

I LOVE managing money even though right now I have to pay all these extra fees to get my house set up and in cash to get discounts. I think it definitely is an idea that could work and am sure people out there would pay to have this done for them.

Personally speaking, I am too cheap…not to mention I get some weird satisfaction out of paying my bills. I think only lazy or busy persons with a lot of money can do that. Anyways, I think it would be great if I could get one of those someday. People can actually get paid to do that? Haha… that would be an additional fee: I would love that job and I am very good at it!

But if that is because those people cannot live with a budget and tend to overspend and leave nothing else for the month, having someone help pay their bills are not going to solve anything. Wishful thinking, at least ;. I am actually thinking about starting a business doing this. I did several things to fix that issue. So in the first month alone I provided for 3 and a half months of my services. Another words month two payed for my services for life.

I have continued to save her money every chance I can find. To me this is the biggest part missing from all the ideas above. Now I just need to figure out how to run a business not just manage accounts. Money thanks for your blog the information you provided about AADMM will guide me on my next step of creating a business. Yeah man, no problem! I hope you DO look into it more and get a nice biz going with this stuff: And form strong relationships in general with people too — which I never really thought about before.

Win-win in my book. And yeah, I am still a bit surprised about this money managers thing. Never heard of it, never thought it could be possible: I work in investment banking, and a lot of my clients are very wealthy and have money managers who will pay their bills for them and everything.

Louis Armstrong was a very successful musician that made lots of money during a time when black artists struggled to get by. Louis Armstrong had an agreement with his manager where Louis would always have enough money to pay his bills and own his home in Queens and be able to travel the world playing music. And his manager could have anything leftover. So for someone like Louis, that situation worked out the best. Because before he had his manager handle his finances, his finances were in a downward spiral.

But because we had budgeted everything so precisely, we had a really hard time deciding when it was okay for us to go crazy and buy a spur of the moment board game or go out to dinner. Then this tool still in its pilot phase came along and made our lives so much easier. It links to your WF online account and you just need to input your incoming and outgoing money streams transfers between WF accounts are automatically imported and it tells you how much money you should have in your account each day over the next month or so.

Super smart of banks. My youngest clients are in their 20s and 30s, and I help them get started in their financial lives with financial organization, billpay, establishing budgets and so forth. My oldest clients are in their 90s, and I help them with billpay, account reconciliation, and such. They and their families are so grateful for bringing peace of mind to their loved ones.

And I have cleints at all ages in between. Sounds like a dream: I think the hardest part will be convincing people to actually pay for this service. Are you able to make a full time income with your business? Seems Alison does too from the looks of her note! This seems kind of.. But hey, I can see that as a money maker! At least in theory. And depending on your life and emergencies and such that hopefully the money manager would be helping figure out too with accounts needed, etc.

I also love paying bills — no joke. I would also love a job where I take somebody off the shitheap. This is a job I would do for free if I could afford it. Perhaps the angle is not to become a certified whatever, but to BE the certifer. Maybe we develop a cirriculum, test, screening, etc…. The prices seem reasonable for what they do, and all of the ones we talked to had excellent references that really liked what they did. There probably is a big market for this kind of stuff! Instead of the people handling it themselves and hopefully learning from it.

Meet your second DMM! I have clients of all ages, but especially love my seniors. In some families it is better to have a 3rd party handling the finances so everyone is comfortable that a family member or caregiver is not syphoning off funds. And with all of the scams directed toward seniors, I can provide peace of mind by sorting through the mail and monitoring account activity.

My younger clients prefer to spend their time on what they are good at and are happy to outsource what they consider tedious tasks. I have a friend who uses what she refers to as her financial planner. That person pays their bills, allocates to savings and gives them a monthly allowance. Takes alot of trust in that person as well. I never spend or move money without talking with the client first. In fact, in most cases I am right there at their home with them when payments are made.

Potential clients should always ask about that. I am a Professional Daily Money Manager and have been for 8 years and can answer your questions: How much does such a service cost? Most Daily Money Managers are paid by the hour. Some who know about Medicare and Social Security may have higher hourly rates because understanding Medicare and Social Security can be complicated.

How much personal info do you need to give away? Depends on how much you would like to have done with your finances. Some people like to have checks written and we record them with software, Some clients prefer online banking.

It is between you and your Daily Money Manager to work out your comfort level. What if you always spend more than you receive? We would be the ones to tell you where you spent it! Mind giving us an hourly fee ballpark if you could? Or all of the above?

I am absolutely floored that you would bring up this topic now as only two days ago I wrote my pitch to do almost exactly that for others!!! In AUS we have a company that does something similar called My Budget I have heard both good and bad reviews about this company but have not used them myself. For me I really want to do more of a tailored solution to prevent the consolidation part.

Now we are coming along very nicely and beign able to do things we never thought possible. My idea is that I want to show others how to do the same Only from experience not a financial advisor, so there will be no investment etc advice as I have already done it for family and friends I though why not make it my hustle if I am good at it? I wouldnt be charging massive ongoign fees either because I want to encourage people to contact me BEFORE they go under and people who know they are broke never think they can afford the financial advisor.

And lastly have you seen app MindMyMoney? You can count in all your automatic payments and it will tell you whats left. Each time you spend, you log and catergorize sounds complicated but very user friendly and you know where your money is going and what you have left. Pretty good timing indeed: Maybe do some research as for the legality of stuff there in Australia in the meantime.

She has historically been terrible with money. Her paychecks are now direct deposited into a joint account with me and her. I receive all the bills via email. I pay all the bills, give her a weekly allowance. It is amazing the people who need thee service. I originally thought most clients would be seniors, but I keep stumbling upon either widowed or divorced women who have no idea how to manage their daily financial affairs without a husband.

The biggest challenge has been educating people in this market that we exist and we are honest, reliable, knowledgeable folks. Congrats on finding something you enjoy! Especially one around money and paying bills: Hope it continues to grow! As a spokesperson for the association I wanted to share some helpful information: AADMM provides education and resources for seasoned professionals as well as those new to the field.

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